Holiday Wine Selection 

We have carefully curated a selection of Perissos wines to pair perfectly with a full variety of holiday meals.

Wine pairings for the holidays can be a bit tricky, because the meals typically involve a variety of dishes covering the robust, savory, subtle, sweet, and spicy categories. The guest list is usually long, including a range of individual tastes. Our selections are intended to cover this range of foods and individual tastes so everyone can find their perfect pairing at the table.

2018 Estate Viognier
2018 Reserve Roussanne
2019 Italian Stallion Rosé
2016 Italian Stallion
2016 Aglianico
2016 Syrah

Perissos Vineyards

Our story begins with a name and the significance that lies therein. Perissos is a Greek word found in the Bible (Ephesians 3:20) meaning “exceeding abundantly, beyond what is expected, imagined, or hoped for.” It is our sincere desire and aspiration to craft wines that live up to that description. However, with awe and gratitude, we can say that it is our lives that have been blessed exceedingly and abundantly by God. Thus our choice for the name Perissos.

Our Offerings

We are committed to producing the finest wines sourced from 100% Texas grown fruit. This is our offering to you.




 6 Best of Class Winners

This was our first time at Perissos and we will definitely be back. Great atmosphere, friendly staff and EXCELLENT service. The wine is Amazing and I liked all of them on the tasting menu. We came home with our favorite bottles and we can't wait to go back.

Rhonda Jackson

Some of the best Texas wine I have ever enjoyed. While off the beaten Fredericksburg path, this one is well worth the day trip.

John Frazier

Love this winery, the atmosphere, the friendliness of the staff and the variety of local estate wines was the total package. Very highly recommend.

L Doucet